Jem Australia products save water: Savings of 25% to 35% are typical after the installation Jem Australia products.

These savings in some cases exceed 50%. Where-ever water is used, from hotels, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, office buildings and homes, Jem Australia products are achieving major savings in water.

Jem Australia products save energy:

When there's a significant reduction in hot water consumption, there's also a saving in the energy required to heat the hot water.

Jem Australia products save money:

As water supply companies try to conserve water by increasing its cost, there are significant savings to be made by installing Jem Australia products. In many cases, they will pay for themselves in under one year. Jem Australia has developed a computer model to prepare an economic analysis for installation.

Jem Australia products are good for the environment:

Since 99% of all sewage is introduced into the sewerage system from the potable water supply, a reduction in water usage will dramatically reduce the amount of sewage discharged into the environment. Also – as hot water is saved, less energy is needed to heat it, so there's a corresponding saving in 'Greenhouse gases'.

Jem Australia products eliminates temperature and water flow fluctuation:

When a balanced, controlled and constant flow of water is achieved, it eliminates fluctuations in temperature and water flow when other taps are turned on in the same home or building. When a Jem Australia product is fitted, any number of taps can be turned on and off and they make no difference to the shower temperature or flow rate.

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Jem Australia products reduce water system noise:

Annoying and disruptive problems like 'water hammer' and 'screaming' taps can be eliminated or at least substantially reduced by a installing a Jem Australia product. This applies to both commercial and domestic water systems.

Jem Australia products ensure a good shower:

Even though the water consumption can be cut by up to 50%, a Jem Australia product still guarantees a water flow strong enough to do the job. This also applies to every commercial and household facility, from showers, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Jem Australia products are safe:

All flow control devices must have a WaterMark licence to comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standards, to ensure that they are safe for use in potable water.

Jem Australia products handle 'Hard' or 'Dirty' water:

Across a broad range of water types and quality - Jem Australia products deliver a consistent, reliable and economic water flow.

They have a patented 'open port' design, specifically developed for use in water that has suspended particles, often found in galvanised steel water pipes. Particles up to 2 MM in size can pass through a Jem Australia product.

Also, Jem Australia products are manufactured from dezincification resistant brass with an electroless nickel treatment for added protection against aggressive water supplies. A Teflon treatment prevents dirt and scale build-up.