Thermal Shock.

As the world’s energy crisis has grown, hotels have been constantly looking at ways of saving energy.

One popular strategy has been to install ‘restrictors’ in the showers or behind the shower head, to save on hot water.

However the guests were soon up in arms, complaining that there was not enough pressure in the shower, or that the shower was either too hot or too cold.

Some guests even sustained burns or injuries, reacting to the sudden changes in the temperature of the shower.

The phenomenon became known as ‘Thermal Shock’ and became a litigation time-bomb.

Thermal Shock is caused by the restriction that had been installed in the shower head. It was made even worse, when any form of restriction was introduced to a common hot and cold water mixer pipe.

However, Jem Australia came up with a product that applied a restriction to the hot and cold water supplies separately.

As a result, the water temperature remains stable when the hot and cold water pressures fluctuate – (up to plus or minus 200 kPa).

No more thermal shock!

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